Wedding DJ Pricing?

So lately we have been very busy with queries and emails asking for pricing for wedding and other events for 2023 and beyond. MC Entertainment prices are set to level we believe is right due to a few key thinfs.

First of all experience, having been doing mobile events since 2014 we know what works and what doesnt for each type of party, weddings are completely different to a birthday party and corporate events completely different to weddings. Booking a DJ is therefore paying for their experience to make sure the night goes with great sucess. – which MC Entertainment is advertised, had a great write up on dj costs for a wedding.

Within this information the following stands out


At this price point, you can expect to hire a student or less experienced DJ. If you’re on a very tight budget, it can seem like a great deal to find someone who has experience at student nights, however, it’s important to remember that a wedding is a very different occasion. The more experience the better, as they’ll know how to pace the night, how to introduce the first and last dance, and what music works across the variety of age groups you inevitably have at a wedding.


This is the typical cost you can expect to pay for a DJ outside of big cities in the UK.

Packages typically range from £500 to £800. Packages will have info on your choice of party including sound and lighting equipment, as well as DJ kit and your DJ playing the music you want to hear normally from 7 pm till midnight.


For this price bracket, you can expect a full-day package from your DJ which usually starts with the music for your walk down the aisle, all the way through to background music for your wedding breakfast and your evening disco.

I hope all people booking private events see this and know that MC Entertainment are experienced professionals within the wedding dj business. 🙂

Get in touch to see our pricing and packages or to talk about your event in more detail.

Rest & Re-energise!

With working so many events the past few months as well as working my full time job i found myself exhausted to the point i was almost ready to give up! With so many events to plan and organise as well as responding to potential clients and customers i finally decided enough was enough and i decided to have….. a weekend off!! Now by weekend off i mean a full weekend of no dj enquiries, no events to plan or setup, just a relaxing weekend and some good old me time.

Now im the type to usually do this, i normally would crack on and work/power through. But reality hit me hard when one day at my full time office job i was so tired to the point i almost fell asleep at my desk. I knew i had been burning the candle at both ends as they say but it was getting to a point where i just wanted to sleep all day!

So a few weeks ago i booked a long weekend off work (day job) and my plan was to chill, relax and not do much at all.

On the events side with MC Entertainment there was 2 weddings under my business. I managed to get these sorted the week before the events with DJ Emily and DJ Rob, this meant i didnt need to pass anything onto them for the weekend!

Also what made the weekend better was that we got a extra bank holiday due to the Queens funeral, suddenly my 3 day weekend became 4 days! 🙂

I wont go on to say what i have done over my weekend off but writing this on a Tuesday after 4 days off i feel relaxed and re-engerised, i have slept incredibly well and the early nights have helped me, being in bed at 10:30 on a weekend is bliss considering when DJ i wont be in bed till after 2am and usually wide awake after a gig high on adrenaline.

Its certainly done me the world of good and if you feel like i did then consider a weekend to chill and get back to your best! 🙂

Feedback & Reviews

Its been a really busy time lately, double events most weekends and i have been burning the candle at both ends for sure!

But what has made it so much better is the kind reviews and feedback given to me by the amazing clients that choose MC Entertainment! I treat every gig different so no two events are the same and this takes a lot of time and energy. It makes is feel so much more worth it when the client messages saying thank you and how much they loved the event. Take a look at these amazing reviews left for me below…

‘I had one regret… the DJ!’

So this weekend just gone i was DJ for a corporate function which started slow but ended up great. For every event that comes through MC Entertainment i use a music planning app which allows the client to pick and choose the music and share with guests so people can choose the music they want to hear! This is the main reason why this corporate client chooses MC Entertainment.

After the event i was speaking to one of the organisers of the corporate event who has booked me for their Xmas party was speaking how much she and the employees love the app, she then went on to say to me these exact words about her wedding she had the year before…..”For my wedding, i have one regret…… THE DJ!!”

I was shocked and after asking a few questions about her wedding she mentioned that the DJ just picked songs he thought they wanted and didn’t personally ask them. She said to me over and over that the music played was NOT what she her husband or guests asked for. Hence why for all events she now organises she hires me 🙂

The music planning app we use is shown in the video below 🙂


Well its 2022!

I have been looking forward to this coming year for a while as 2021 with covid etc. Lots of events rescheduled this coming year. Writing this we are in July and so far 44 events/gigs have been done with MC Entertainment! A busy time indeed and we still going strong!

The start of the year i was a DJ down as Emily left for maternity leave and welcomed a baby boy into the world. She is slowly returning to work now which is great as the requests are mounting up!

Hiring DJs to work for/on behalf of MC Entertainment is a tough one and Emily being someone who helped me starting out i’m now able to repay her, also i have Rob helping me more with gigs along with Ben, Lee and Rachel. Even though i don’t DJ some events i still organise and plan with the client before passing to the DJ as i want them to deliver a standard for every event! The guys who help me are AMAZING!

So for 2022 i was wanting/looking for something to add to my setup, i looked at new lights, booth and even a funky dance floor but i couldn’t find something to give me the wow factor… that was until i discovered the awesome cold spark machine!!! These machines are ace, they shoot sparks from their base into the air and being cold they are safe to use indoors! See a video below, the sparks are an addition to the Diamond and Platinum packages and are used for entrances, first dance and then through the night, they certainly give the wow factor to your reception!

Images from Just Lee Photography –

2021 is a go!

So 2021…. (yawn) finally after 2 further lockdowns here on the Isle of Man, January then March as we had a rise in Covid-19 cases its now confirmed that April 19th we are back!! All businesses back able to open and trade!!

As a DJ this is great, although i have a full time “day job” in an office i cant wait to get back out the do events have do i what enjoy.. DJ parties and weddings.

Over the past few months i have lost lots of business with events cancelled which sucks but completely understandable. Luckily a few events booked in have rearranged and booked again a future date!

So now i can reopen and advertise and get cracking! Its certainly an interesting time for myself and MC Entertainment. Im looking to rebrand the business so keep an eye out for new logos etc 🙂 as well as taking on a new venue and currently talking to a few other venues and vendors. All very exciting. As well as all this another DJ is joining the MC Entertainment team.

Again more will be posted on this very soon but check out the Facebook page for announcements 🙂 with lots of gigs upcoming i will be trying to VLOG as much as i can and show people what goes on in the planning setup and the event itself, these will be on the YouTube channel so again please like subscribe and all that jazz as it helps me grow even more and i appreciate any help you guys give.

Over lockdown i have been doing some live bedroom lockdown sets. Take a look below and enjoy 🙂

Will be updating soon, but for now take care, stay safe and party on!

MC 🙂

Mobile DJ

Sooo 2020 was supposed to be the year! I had so much planned and was super excited for 2020. Bookings were on the up yet again, i had some great wedding fayres and met so many people, i was truly excited about the year ahead.

The start of 2020 is always busy with mostly admin and sorting calendar dates for the year ahead. I actually had 3 bookings in January and 2 February and then March i had a wedding fayre booked in for the hotel i have the contract for being the wedding DJ.

In March 2020 i took a week away skiing in France, it was here that the word Covi-19 and Corona Virus started to take place! On return home it was all over the news, a virus with no cure!!! Bad times!! It was a case of seeing what happened and then seeing how where i live reacted.

I live on the Isle of Man (UK) a crown dependency in the UK, a small island sat in the middle of the Irish sea between England and Ireland (go google it). The Isle of Man is self governed so we make are on rules and laws within our own parliament (Tynwald). After a few weeks the government shut down the Island and forced us to work from home. Now I don’t Dj full time im only a weekend/part time DJ, the full time job or day job I am an IT manager so being employed full time kept me busy but my DJ business and all but stopped!

Lockdown arrived and showed no real sign of stopping, big events on the Isle of Man were quickly cancelled and the boarders shut! This meant all the hospitality industry was heavily affected and lost huge amount of trade. The hotel i work for as a DJ was shut indefinably and all events cancelled! This meant weddings, parties and corporate gigs were all lost. Other bookings i had quickly came in to be cancelled or postponed. I feel lucky as most customers came to me and said “we will go ahead we will get married and we want you!” which made me feel great so these are postponed and will be going ahead at different dates in 2021 i hope!

During lockdown i did some DJ sets at home at the weekends, i had friends and family all online partying with me and even now when i have been booked people mention “Oh i watched for lockdown sets” 🙂 This for me was a great and people were so kind!

So after many weeks on lockdown and cases rapidly reducing to almost 0! The Isle of Man started to open itself up back to normal slowly, but within a month we were back to normal and able to mix in groups again as we had no cases at all! The boarders remained shut and if anyone came into the country they had to isolate to strict guidelines and even passed as laws! Believe me when i say but people were arrested and sent to prison for violating these laws!

Within days of being back to normal the emails and Facebook requests came flooding in, people wanted me for garden parties, summer corporate events and school proms!

It got crazy! I had 10 bookings in July, 8 bookings in August and another 8 booked for September!! usually i do 3-4 gigs a month! It took a lot of planning and time management to get all these sorted but the events were amazing! I have a few videos on my YouTube page – the proms were great!!!

So now we are in October and entering the autumn and winter months, however business isn’t slowing down. Halloween is proven to be a great holiday time for DJs, i am now hiring equipment to people hosting their own parties where they do not need a DJ but require lights and a speaker to play of a phone or tablet.. This is an area which is growing for me in my DJ business!

With Christmas around the corner also the hotel work is also back! The first Christmas gig being 27th November and i have 12 Christmas gigs booked in as well as New Years Eve. Its certainly all go till the end of the year! 2021 shows no signs of slowing down as i have just been accepted to showcase in the Isle of Man Wedding Fair in January! 🙂

I will leave things there for now! I dont want to go on all day! But hopefully gives you an idea of my busy mobile DJ life!


MC 🙂

4 Gigs in 5 Days

As we get into the Christmas run, i thought it be an idea to update you on the past few gigs at MC Entertainment as i did 4 events in 5 days, so i will tell you the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY!!! So here goes…..

Looking back at the past few gigs i have certainly had a rather large contrast.

First for me was a week day/night wedding on November 5th. Now usually all weddings i do fall on a Saturday and the odd couple on a Friday, this was the first midweek on and on a Tuesday night. It was a good event the couple were great and the guests were good also, i just think as a week night people weren’t the usual go mad and party as 99% of people had to work the next day! Still despite that it was a good fun party! 

2 day later i was drafted into to DJ a corporate event at a local nightclub. Now i haven’t DJ’d in a nightclub for a number of years so i was quite excited to do it. No need to cart all my gear to the venue, no long set up times, just plug in controller and laptop and go! The gig was for a local hotel group and their end of year, numbers at the event weren’t great and i had no communication what music they wanted. As the age was wide i started of as usual with the old school disco tunes, Earth Wind and Fire’s September the tune to start the night.

Dance floor had a few people on but most were propped at the bar. A guy came up and asked for some Happy Mondays and Stone Roses so i played these and kinda of stuck to this for a while. After a while i figured out that most of the people were of polish descent so some of the music i was playing they might not of heard, i caught attention of one person and said to give me some Polish songs you like. They weren’t off and came back with a few which i quickly downloaded… legally of course!!! then played them and wow what a reaction the dance floor was mental! i kept this going as much as i can the rest of the night playing more of a European mix with dance and pop. At the end of the night the thank yous i received were amazing, i had made their night by playing Polish songs that they loved and knew from back home. 

Friday night and this was the BIG one of the week, my cousins 18th birthday, this had been planned for months and was a in a farmers barn and advertised as a uv and neon rave! My cousin had chosen a huge amount of music from the app i use (Vibo) so i set all the songs up! The setup took me a few hours to get setup as i took everything, subs, tops, all my lights, smoke machines, bubble machine and the uv lights.

About 100-120 kids turned up and partied all night! it was great! only one issue, my younger cousin came up on stage to see me and walked behind me (she was quite drunk(, she then fell over and knocked down the entire dj setup!!! the booth was turned upside down and one od the subs and top speaker fell over!!! I was in complete SHOCK! Luckily nothing was damaged and a quick few minutes sorting i got the party back on! I now have a policy that no one comes on stage in the booth with me!! lol The reaction at the end said it all, everyone loved it and for a group of 18 year olds there was zero trouble! Its not something i do a lot of as it can have issue with underage drinking and behavior but this was a brilliant night! Be sure to check pics and video out on the Facebook page!

Finally the last gig, a 21st birthday R&B night! Not my forte i must admit this was fun. As soon as the birthday girl arrived with all her mates they were straight on the dance floor which was ace! The Drake and Chris Brown tunes kept these young ones entertained. After the food and cake etc i decided to play some older stuff for the older parents and people than came as listening to recent r&b is not for everyone. Again a few disco tunes thrown in got the dance floor packed. A good fun night which they all enjoyed.

So the end of a mad week! i have only done 2 gigs in a weekend before but when i planned 4 in 5 days i thought this is mad! But goes to show the planning and time taken behind the scenes paid off!

Next up its Xmas party nights at a local hotel then looking at 2020 is going to be another mad busy year!!! 🙂

Check out the reviews on the Facebook page as well as pics and videos!!!