Author: Michael Corlett

End of 2023!!

Well its been a long and busy year in 2023! I cant count the amount of gigs done but it feels this year its been the most i have ever done! Actually i just checked it… 68! wow So its been a mad year with 68 events done in 2023. Super proud to get to […]

Wedding DJ Pricing?

So lately we have been very busy with queries and emails asking for pricing for wedding and other events for 2023 and beyond. MC Entertainment prices are set to level we believe is right due to a few key things. First of all experience, having been doing mobile events since 2014 we know what works […]

Rest & Re-energise!

With working so many events the past few months as well as working my full time job i found myself exhausted to the point i was almost ready to give up! With so many events to plan and organise as well as responding to potential clients and customers i finally decided enough was enough and […]

Feedback & Reviews

Its been a really busy time lately, double events most weekends and i have been burning the candle at both ends for sure! But what has made it so much better is the kind reviews and feedback given to me by the amazing clients that choose MC Entertainment! I treat every gig different so no […]

‘I had one regret… the DJ!’

So this weekend just gone i was DJ for a corporate function which started slow but ended up great. For every event that comes through MC Entertainment i use a music planning app which allows the client to pick and choose the music and share with guests so people can choose the music they want […]