As we get into the Christmas run, i thought it be an idea to update you on the past few gigs at MC Entertainment as i did 4 events in 5 days, so i will tell you the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY!!! So here goes…..

Looking back at the past few gigs i have certainly had a rather large contrast.

First for me was a week day/night wedding on November 5th. Now usually all weddings i do fall on a Saturday and the odd couple on a Friday, this was the first midweek on and on a Tuesday night. It was a good event the couple were great and the guests were good also, i just think as a week night people weren’t the usual go mad and party as 99% of people had to work the next day! Still despite that it was a good fun party! 

2 day later i was drafted into to DJ a corporate event at a local nightclub. Now i haven’t DJ’d in a nightclub for a number of years so i was quite excited to do it. No need to cart all my gear to the venue, no long set up times, just plug in controller and laptop and go! The gig was for a local hotel group and their end of year, numbers at the event weren’t great and i had no communication what music they wanted. As the age was wide i started of as usual with the old school disco tunes, Earth Wind and Fire’s September the tune to start the night.

Dance floor had a few people on but most were propped at the bar. A guy came up and asked for some Happy Mondays and Stone Roses so i played these and kinda of stuck to this for a while. After a while i figured out that most of the people were of polish descent so some of the music i was playing they might not of heard, i caught attention of one person and said to give me some Polish songs you like. They weren’t off and came back with a few which i quickly downloaded… legally of course!!! then played them and wow what a reaction the dance floor was mental! i kept this going as much as i can the rest of the night playing more of a European mix with dance and pop. At the end of the night the thank yous i received were amazing, i had made their night by playing Polish songs that they loved and knew from back home. 

Friday night and this was the BIG one of the week, my cousins 18th birthday, this had been planned for months and was a in a farmers barn and advertised as a uv and neon rave! My cousin had chosen a huge amount of music from the app i use (Vibo) so i set all the songs up! The setup took me a few hours to get setup as i took everything, subs, tops, all my lights, smoke machines, bubble machine and the uv lights.

About 100-120 kids turned up and partied all night! it was great! only one issue, my younger cousin came up on stage to see me and walked behind me (she was quite drunk(, she then fell over and knocked down the entire dj setup!!! the booth was turned upside down and one od the subs and top speaker fell over!!! I was in complete SHOCK! Luckily nothing was damaged and a quick few minutes sorting i got the party back on! I now have a policy that no one comes on stage in the booth with me!! lol The reaction at the end said it all, everyone loved it and for a group of 18 year olds there was zero trouble! Its not something i do a lot of as it can have issue with underage drinking and behavior but this was a brilliant night! Be sure to check pics and video out on the Facebook page!

Finally the last gig, a 21st birthday R&B night! Not my forte i must admit this was fun. As soon as the birthday girl arrived with all her mates they were straight on the dance floor which was ace! The Drake and Chris Brown tunes kept these young ones entertained. After the food and cake etc i decided to play some older stuff for the older parents and people than came as listening to recent r&b is not for everyone. Again a few disco tunes thrown in got the dance floor packed. A good fun night which they all enjoyed.

So the end of a mad week! i have only done 2 gigs in a weekend before but when i planned 4 in 5 days i thought this is mad! But goes to show the planning and time taken behind the scenes paid off!

Next up its Xmas party nights at a local hotel then looking at 2020 is going to be another mad busy year!!! 🙂

Check out the reviews on the Facebook page as well as pics and videos!!!