Well its 2022!

I have been looking forward to this coming year for a while as 2021 with covid etc. Lots of events rescheduled this coming year. Writing this we are in July and so far 44 events/gigs have been done with MC Entertainment! A busy time indeed and we still going strong!

The start of the year i was a DJ down as Emily left for maternity leave and welcomed a baby boy into the world. She is slowly returning to work now which is great as the requests are mounting up!

Hiring DJs to work for/on behalf of MC Entertainment is a tough one and Emily being someone who helped me starting out i’m now able to repay her, also i have Rob helping me more with gigs along with Ben, Lee and Rachel. Even though i don’t DJ some events i still organise and plan with the client before passing to the DJ as i want them to deliver a standard for every event! The guys who help me are AMAZING!

So for 2022 i was wanting/looking for something to add to my setup, i looked at new lights, booth and even a funky dance floor but i couldn’t find something to give me the wow factor… that was until i discovered the awesome cold spark machine!!! These machines are ace, they shoot sparks from their base into the air and being cold they are safe to use indoors! See a video below, the sparks are an addition to the Diamond and Platinum packages and are used for entrances, first dance and then through the night, they certainly give the wow factor to your reception!

Images from Just Lee Photography – https://www.facebook.com/justleephotography/?ref=page_internal