Wedding DJ Pricing?

So lately we have been very busy with queries and emails asking for pricing for wedding and other events for 2023 and beyond. MC Entertainment prices are set to level we believe is right due to a few key thinfs.

First of all experience, having been doing mobile events since 2014 we know what works and what doesnt for each type of party, weddings are completely different to a birthday party and corporate events completely different to weddings. Booking a DJ is therefore paying for their experience to make sure the night goes with great sucess. – which MC Entertainment is advertised, had a great write up on dj costs for a wedding.

Within this information the following stands out


At this price point, you can expect to hire a student or less experienced DJ. If you’re on a very tight budget, it can seem like a great deal to find someone who has experience at student nights, however, it’s important to remember that a wedding is a very different occasion. The more experience the better, as they’ll know how to pace the night, how to introduce the first and last dance, and what music works across the variety of age groups you inevitably have at a wedding.


This is the typical cost you can expect to pay for a DJ outside of big cities in the UK.

Packages typically range from £500 to £800. Packages will have info on your choice of party including sound and lighting equipment, as well as DJ kit and your DJ playing the music you want to hear normally from 7 pm till midnight.


For this price bracket, you can expect a full-day package from your DJ which usually starts with the music for your walk down the aisle, all the way through to background music for your wedding breakfast and your evening disco.

I hope all people booking private events see this and know that MC Entertainment are experienced professionals within the wedding dj business. 🙂

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