‘I had one regret… the DJ!’

So this weekend just gone i was DJ for a corporate function which started slow but ended up great. For every event that comes through MC Entertainment i use a music planning app which allows the client to pick and choose the music and share with guests so people can choose the music they want to hear! This is the main reason why this corporate client chooses MC Entertainment.

After the event i was speaking to one of the organisers of the corporate event who has booked me for their Xmas party was speaking how much she and the employees love the app, she then went on to say to me these exact words about her wedding she had the year before…..”For my wedding, i have one regret…… THE DJ!!”

I was shocked and after asking a few questions about her wedding she mentioned that the DJ just picked songs he thought they wanted and didn’t personally ask them. She said to me over and over that the music played was NOT what she her husband or guests asked for. Hence why for all events she now organises she hires me 🙂

The music planning app we use is shown in the video below 🙂