Rest & Re-energise!

With working so many events the past few months as well as working my full time job i found myself exhausted to the point i was almost ready to give up! With so many events to plan and organise as well as responding to potential clients and customers i finally decided enough was enough and i decided to have….. a weekend off!! Now by weekend off i mean a full weekend of no dj enquiries, no events to plan or setup, just a relaxing weekend and some good old me time.

Now im the type to usually do this, i normally would crack on and work/power through. But reality hit me hard when one day at my full time office job i was so tired to the point i almost fell asleep at my desk. I knew i had been burning the candle at both ends as they say but it was getting to a point where i just wanted to sleep all day!

So a few weeks ago i booked a long weekend off work (day job) and my plan was to chill, relax and not do much at all.

On the events side with MC Entertainment there was 2 weddings under my business. I managed to get these sorted the week before the events with DJ Emily and DJ Rob, this meant i didnt need to pass anything onto them for the weekend!

Also what made the weekend better was that we got a extra bank holiday due to the Queens funeral, suddenly my 3 day weekend became 4 days! 🙂

I wont go on to say what i have done over my weekend off but writing this on a Tuesday after 4 days off i feel relaxed and re-engerised, i have slept incredibly well and the early nights have helped me, being in bed at 10:30 on a weekend is bliss considering when DJ i wont be in bed till after 2am and usually wide awake after a gig high on adrenaline.

Its certainly done me the world of good and if you feel like i did then consider a weekend to chill and get back to your best! 🙂