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Well its 2022! I have been looking forward to this coming year for a while as 2021 with covid etc. Lots of events rescheduled this coming year. Writing this we are in July and so far 44 events/gigs have been done with MC Entertainment! A busy time indeed and we still going strong! The start […]

Mobile DJ

Sooo 2020 was supposed to be the year! I had so much planned and was super excited for 2020. Bookings were on the up yet again, i had some great wedding fayres and met so many people, i was truly excited about the year ahead. The start of 2020 is always busy with mostly admin […]

4 Gigs in 5 Days

As we get into the Christmas run, i thought it be an idea to update you on the past few gigs at MC Entertainment as i did 4 events in 5 days, so i will tell you the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY!!! So here goes….. Looking back at the past few gigs i […]